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Our Fund - Damson Circular Economy Fund (DCEF)

Asia is home to six out of ten biggest landfills in the world, amounting to 2,725 acres of land, which is equivalent to more than 2000 football fields. What happens when we run out of space?

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Why are we focused on the Circular Economy?


Between COP21 and COP26, the world extracted half a trillion tons of raw material, with 90% going to waste.*

Simply put, if we continue this current path, we will run out of space and resources.


Not every impact problem has a private sector impact investment response. This is not to say that not all impact problems are equal, but rather, some of these issues require different financial instruments for which some private investors may not be best suited. We have found that companies within the CE space offer a strong alignment between Profit and Impact. In short, as the business scales, the impact must as well.


The circular economy aims to decouple economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, with products that can be ‘made to be made again’. In doing so, we are directly reducing waste which reduces the burden on the environment and unlocks a pathway for just and fair economic development.



Our Circular Economy Startups

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Flyfarm Worldwide

Organic Waste Upcycling for Insect Protein

FlyFarm is a waste bioconversion company utilising Robotics, IoT and Data Science to produce sustainable protein highly efficiently. The company partners with commercial food, beverage and farming companies to valorise their waste and sells their final insect protein and oil products to pet food and animal feed companies as a value add ingredient with functional benefits.

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Green Household Cleaning Products

At SimplyGood we're helping consumers take easy actions at home which have a real and positive impact on the planet. Our dissolvable, 100% plant-based, home cleaning and personal care tablets help eliminate single use plastic in the home and reduce home carbon footprint. SimplyGood is simply better for you, your family and for the planet.

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