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We’re investing in social businesses and technologies that are tackling the world’s toughest challenges.

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Etcembly has developed a proprietary machine learning platform - EMLy™ - trained and optimised to find deeply complex patterns in TCR repertoires. using AI, governed by biophysics, validated and optimised through empirical results, to design personalised therapeutics.

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Eden + Elie Logo
Eden + Elie

Life-style Brand

EDEN + ELIE is a design-led, socially-conscious jewellery brand based in Singapore. The brand brings profit and purpose together through its core offering of handwoven jewelry. Traditional bead-weaving techniques are used to create their distinctive modern designs and provide accessible, sustainable employment to marginalized communities. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to make life simpler for the modern woman. Produced with premium and responsibly sourced materials, and handcrafted by a team of artisans whom have trained and developed for the role.

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Quincus Technologies

Logistics Tech

Quincus is a SaaS platform that drives first, middle, and last-mile efficiencies in your supply chain. Using advanced technology, Quincus digitizes and optimizes the traditional logistics process while giving full transparency to supply chain operations. Their industry-specific solutions are suited for a range of business needs and help our customers determine the most sustainable, efficient, and price-conscious logistics operations.

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Westbike Messenger Logo
Westbike Messenger

Green Logistics Provider

Westbike Messenger is a zero-emission bicycle courier that employs marginalised youth in Indonesia’s inner cities. Offering “hassle-free and emission-free” transportation, Westbike Messenger gets its clients’ packages swiftly to their destinations in congested urban centres. Through their real-time tracking app, customers can simply pay and manage their delivery orders in real-time.

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Supply Chain Management Tech

DamoGO is a mobile app that connects merchants with their suppliers to make managing all orders more efficient in one place, saving everyone time and money. We also give suppliers the ability to quickly sell overstock goods that may otherwise go to waste.